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  Offering the full array of Concierge Services for our clients in the Boca Raton and Highland Beach area. We specialize in "high end" homes and are very selective of our clientele. Selective out of necessity since out primary goal is to provide the best service possible. The diligence and commitment required to perform at these levels dictate our focus and total attention to the smallest detail.
  Our seasonal Visitors, often referred to as "Snow Birds" who occupy their homes only during the winter months receive custom tailored attention.
Concierge Service Details include everything from making arrangements on behalf of our clients "on-demand" to full caretaking services pertaining to every aspect of the property and it's occupants. From grocery shopping to housekeeping. From house sitting to handling "major renovations". From airport pick up to solving all transportation needs of the family. From luncheons to lavish dinner parties. We have the organizational skills to live up to your highest expectations.

We have developed contacts with local service companies since 1992 who are all licensed and insured. Enabling us to provide any type of service at the push of a button.

We provide everything that wealth can buy so you don't even need to lift a finger. If you would prefer to simply enjoy life and wish for someone else to handle all the hassles we are the right choice. Please contact us with your needs. We will be happy to take care of you and your family.

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