Boca Raton Concierge Service

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On Demand
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On-Going while owner is present
[] Laundry / Dry Cleaning Service: All cleaning and laundry in hampers to be cleaned/dry cleaned and replaced back in closets
[] Food deliveries from specified restaurants and delicatessens. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
[] Catering Services: Holiday dinner and Events Planning - all menus include multiple ethnic as well as specialty meals.
[] Car Wash / Detailing Service on the weekly bases.
[] Pool temperature and cleaning service monitoring.
[] Lawn Service monitoring
[] Window Cleaning Company monitoring
[] Running errands for owner within the Boca Raton area
[] Shopping; including food and other needed supplies
[] Receive "Guard Gate" calls and manage Vendor Arrival/Departure
[] Accompany all vendors and take the burden off owner. Providing freedom to leave while guaranteeing security.
[] Arrange for "fresh cut" flowers to be delivered weekly.
[] Monitor "Maid Service" daily. (make beds, clean bathrooms, kitchen and main areas of use)
[] Set up Golfing or other entertainment scheduling
[] Arrange for Limousine Service
[] Arrange for Aircraft arrival/storage at Boca Raton Airport
[] Arrange for excursions and sightseeing trips

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